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Nothing Can Stop Us - Rick price

Lirik Lagu & Kord Gitar Nothing Can Stop Us - Rick price

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Soft desk and window likes stare in the monde
I see the love in your eyes
Like cold and miss falling and the fish life in morning
It came to my surprise

True love calls us once in a lifetime
Why should we away when now its the right time
#Nothing can stop us this love we make it
Nothing can stand in our way

Nothing can block this love we take it
Nothing can stop us now
The choice up surrender its so strong and so tender
I give my heart to you

You know that you can trust me and thats how we must be
No matter what we do
Say for friends and love is forever
Right to the end well always be together, #Nothing can...

When love comes sweetly to your door
And Brach comes lately
Whats your so its so long and fool
#Nothing can stop...


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